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"You have to endlessly try climbing very high if you want to see farther"...

This is the reason of our vision, the journey, as a team, towards obtaining the performance in organising special events: weddings, baptisms, private parties and many others alike.

"Casa Festiv" Agency builds and turns into reality, for its clients, the dream of a wedding that captures the personal style of the Bride and Groom, reflects their personality, because they are the ones that are listened to and understood. And for the fact that every couple is unique, the wedding will also be unigue.

The anxiety and questions concerning what restaurant to choose, what setting to build, what flower arrangements to order, how will the wedding dress look like and the bouquet, how much it will cost, all of these will end after meeting our team, because we offer:
- consultance and budget advice considering your wishes and expectations
- planning and materialising of the event
- management of the event on the Big Day

We will be there with you and the outcome will surely be a sensitive and emotional one "The memory of the wedding, a beggining of a journey, a fascinating dream that really took place".

Looking forward to meeting you, the "Casa Festiv" Team !