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The day two people become one through the Holly Bond of Matrimony must be perfect as to be able to change into a sweet memory for the two. Perfection can be set only by the proffesionalism offered by consultance by "Casa Festiv".

So that the wishes of the Bride and Groom take shape, "Casa Festiv" puts at their disposal consultance regarding every detail of organising a wedding
After the details have thought through, all the pieces of the game will be organised so that they will be transposable into the ensemble-event, the planning of the wedding, that will include all parts of the materialisation of the event and also the established budget.

Nothing will be missing, every part of the event will have its special place, being shaped and placed by the proffesionals of "Casa Festiv".
  On the Big Day, teams of proffesionals in design, sound and lights, flower arrangements and more, will be present at the location where the event will take place to materialise the ideas thought until then.

All the wishes will take shape and the Brides' and Grooms' image of the event will become reality, the details bringing to light the beauty and uniqueness of the moment.
The Wedding Day comes next, when all emotions which have acumulated during the process of organising the wedding tend to burst.

So that everything goes according to the planning and so that the unpredictable is kept under control, the entire event will be supervised at its location by Event Managers.

"Casa Festiv" has thought about everything, accomplished wishes that appeared unaccomplishable and withnessed the union of a new couple in a memorable and fairytale setting.